fashion-institute: Don't listen to these people they're too busy paying attention to your blog then on their own. I thinks its a good thing that you actually see whats more important in life! So whatever you do just do it I still love this blog whatever you decide xoxo

thankyou very much xxx

noir-et-ivoire: don't live to impress or satisfy other people, honey. keep doing you.

thankyou :-)

Also don’t really understand why people are getting in a mood about me saying I don’t have time for it? What do you want me to do? Quit my job and post pictures on to here that are already on the internet anyway?

itslbn: love your tumblr!! can we submit posts on here? x

You can now.

kermitscollar: Your blog is on point, please don't shut it down! And truthfully, you shouldn't have to defend what you post on your PERSONAL tumblr account. At the same time, if you really are black, do you feel comfortable scrolling through your page and barely seeing any faces that look like yours? Honest question.

omg ‘if you really are black’ you can see my face in my profile picture???? This really is turning into a much bigger deal than it needs to be. Can I just point out that this blog is about CLOTHES. It has never been out the people wearing them, it has ALWAYS been about the OUTFITS, I barely pay attention to the persons face because this blog is about style inspiration.

erosand-thanatos: dude don't give up on the blog just because people are fucking stupid. xD i love your blog, it's perfection. seriously. <3

Thankyou very much :-) it’s not because of what anyone has said I just really don’t have the time. Xxx

Anonymous: i find your blog awesome tho!

Thankyou very much

Anonymous: If you don't have time to put toward this blog as in dealing with requests, or making your blog more diverse/ shouldn't be running this blog or have made it. A lot of people work really hard for stuff like this, and tbh you could care less.

I’ve had this blog for over 3 years, I started it when I was either in college or not doing anything at all, I now have a full time job and actually, I know all I do is share pictures on here, but it does actually take quite a while and I never feel like I have the time to do it anymore. I never thought that this blog would get so popular in the first place, and I appreciate all of my followers because they are always so incredibly nice. This blog is my main source of inspiration and I absolutely love it, but if I don’t have the time I don’t have the time. Maybe I should start taking requests then.

anthonyshane: People just love to start shit. Fuck it.


littlemissirma: Don't give up, it's such a wonderful blog!! <3

thankyou x

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